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The learner driver prepares hard for passing of the driving test. He goes to the driving school or chooses the driving instructor to get more lessons to pass the test. There are so many driving instructors available but learner should chose the best driving instructor and pass the driving test in the first attempt.Professional driving instructor provides driving lessons which play an important role in passing the driving test. Some learners struggle when it comes to Driving Test and they feel very nervous then driving lessons help to reduce nervousness and boost confidence level. Mirage Driving lessons help to increase driving skills and learner can know the road signs, traffic signs and other driving techniques. Learner always looks for safe driving methods and keen to learn new driving techniques which help to reduce the mistake during the test and improve diving skills.

Driving Lessons Are Not Same

Once you’ve passed your knowledge test, start learning to become the safest driver possible by having lessons with a professional instructor.  When you want to start driving lessons and are looking for an accredited driving instructor, don’t assume cheapest is best. Keep the following in mind:  • the instructor’s licence and experience • the length of the lessons • whether they follow a structured approach with defined objectives • How many learners will be in the car at the time ?? Our network of approved driving schools helps novice drivers take the right steps towards establishing correct driving skills, knowledge and behaviour. These schools also cater for post-licence drivers ,Our program helps you get your licence and be safe on the roads, We’re here to help at every step in the journey to becoming a licensed driver.


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Why Wetherill Park driving?

Wetherill Park driving school have many years in teaching learner drivers just like you to drive and have become experts at it. Our driving instructors are hand-picked by the owner. Our driving instructors in Wetherill Park have to be professional at all times

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Driving Lessons

diving lessons in Wetherill Park and the surrounding areas is the number one goal of our team. We have a team of expert driving instructors and trainers who have guided countless students from all walks of life through the experience of learning to drive.

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Senior Drivers

Mirage Driving School: is qualified and accredited by the RMS to conduct Older Driver Assessments for the 85-year-old and over. We pick-up from home or a designated location, then driving lessons and assessments are conducted in the local or designated area.

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Interstate and International Drivers

if you are transferring your interstate and overseas learner licence you will be exempt from the 120 hours log book requirements if you pass the Driving Test.However,

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