Mirage Driving School - the safer way to get a driver’s licence, in less time.

Mirage Driving School helps develop safer habits on the road through comprehensive driving lessons. Unlike regular learn-to drive organisations, the skills Mirage Driving School teaches go well beyond the minimum standard in terms of low risk driving practices. Whether you’ve been driving for 6 days or 14 years, you’ll improve your ability to anticipate hazards and learn the best course of action for any driving situation.

Mirage Driving School is committed to providing excellent service to our customers and exceeding our students' expectations. We differ from most schools in that we do not merely teach the Ministry's requirements; we focus on key elements of the driving experience that will help new drivers like you avoid collisions. Our job is not only to assist you in obtaining a driver's license; we want to make sure that your new freedom remains safely yours for life.

Our certified instructors help you develop safe driving skills, teach you the rules of the road, and train you to anticipate dangers most people see too late.

Mirage Driving School provides quality tuition to learners, aged driving test drivers, overseas licence holders, nervous learners as well as tuition for people requiring refresher courses.

From 19/12/2009 1 hour spent with an accredited driving instructor will count for 3 hours in the learner driver logbook in NSW. This legislative change allows for a maximum of 10 driving tuition hours to be recorded as 30 hours in the logbook.We operate in the areas of Parramatta, Fairfield, Holroyd, Hills District, Lidcombe, Liverpool, and many more click here.

Mirage Driving School is a friendly team of experienced driving instructors who will guide you on your journey to a Full N.S.W License. Our instructors are very patient and professional .Our goal at Mirage Driving School is to give our learners all the knowledge, confidence and experience to become responsible P-Plate drivers. We provide learners with a number of benefits to make this an enjoyable process.