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Wetherill Park Driving  School

 helps develop safer habits on the road through comprehensive driving lessons. Unlike regular learn-to-drive organisations,
Mirage driving school teach, go well beyond the minimum standard in terms of low-risk driving practices. Whether you’ve been driving for 6 days or 14 years, you’ll improve your ability to anticipate hazards and learn the best course of action for any driving situation. Mirage driving school is committed to providing excellent service to our customers and exceeding our students’ expectations. We differ from most schools in that we do not merely teach the Ministry’s requirements; we focus on key elements of the driving experience that will help new drivers like you avoid collisions. Our job is not only to assist you in obtaining a driver’s license; we want to make sure that your new freedom remains safely yours for life.

Our certified instructors help you develop safe driving skills, teach you the rules of the road, and train you to anticipate dangers most people see too late. Due to our superlative educational process, you are less likely to experience:

Our goal at Wetherill Park driving school.

Our goal at Liverpool Driving School is to give our learners all the knowledge, confidence and experience to become responsible P-Plate drivers. Where we provide learners with a number of benefits to make this an enjoyable process.

Mirage Driving School has been a recognised name in the Sydney Driving school industry for over 14 years.and its your local driving school and carries a range of services to suit every Lerner. we will guides you through your journey until you get your license. we supplies a range of cars for your driving test and your training course.

Our driving school Is one of the most respected and experienced vehicle driver training schools in Sydney. Our team of driver trainer’s assessors are highly qualified and have completed TAFE and RTA accredited courses. 
Our main vision at  driving school Liverpool  is to bring the safest drivers on to the roads of NSW. 
We are the best and the most reliable driving school. 
We have experience with all RTA testing   areas   ,We have attended intensive training on how to provide excellent service.

Learning to drive can be a tricky thing – but mirage driving school is here to help! A lot of learners ask us how long it will take to learn driving , unfortunately there’s no an exact answer of such a question. Hourly driving LESSONS are always available and arranged to suit you. All you need to do is call mirage driving school and arrange a first lesson. If you’re happy with the service we will arrange further lessons. 
You will get answers for many questions like:

  • Why is it important to get plenty of driving practice?
  • How many driving lessens do I need .
  • Driving in certain conditions.
  • Why your choice of speed is important. And why speeding is not worth the risk?
  • Why drivers are involved in road accidents at night?

Driving a car:

Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things that we do in our daily lives. It causes more injuries and deaths, costs more money, and requires more skill than any activity that we participate in on a day-to-day basis. That’s why the staff of Liverpool Driving School feels it’s so important to select a driving school that’s right for you.
Driving School Wetherill Park offers a selection of packages for automatic driving lessons and in most areas of the western suburbs. Each of our driving lessons is conducted by an experienced, friendly and supportive driving instructor who is RMS accredited, police checked and has a working with children certificate. You will also receive 3 hours’ credit in your logbook for every 1-hour driving lesson with us.To help you feel safe, all of our vehicles are dual controlled and fully insured.

So if you are looking to get quality driving lessons from a respected and well-known driving school, we can definitely help! You can choose from our wide range of single lessons and packages or simply book our Introductory Session and your driving instructor will help you choose what’s right for you at the end of your first lesson. Learning to drive made easy at Mirage Driving School so drive and save dollars.